4945 East State Street, Hermitage, Pennsylvania 16148, United States
Cottage Gardens

A full service Garden Center & Landscaping Company

A full service Garden Center & Landscaping Company

A full service Garden Center & Landscaping CompanyA full service Garden Center & Landscaping Company

The two that started it all...



Tom is the guy with the cowboy hat- he won't ask anyone to do something that he is not willing to do himself (unless it has something to do with computers).



She makes us all look good. Elaine is the head honcho in the greenhouse. She is a perfectionist and it shows. She grew up in Coudersport, PA and moved to Hermitage when she and Tom decided to open Cottage Gardens not knowing a thing about plants!

The Daughters



Has  great eye for design and can make any space look welcoming and stylish. She even makes muck boots look good! When she isn't at the Greenhouse she is probably working in her yard or redecorating a room in her own home.



Erin keeps us all in line. This mother of 3 is the one that keeps us all organized. Her favorite pastime is enjoying a roaring fire on her back patio with her husband.



If you can't find her just look for a hat! She manages to get every shirt dirty in the first hour of work. She is the jack of all trades.

Landscape Manager

Corey - 2013


Our Director of Landscape Operations.  He has been in the Green Industry for 33 years and with Cottage Gardens for 7 years.  Corey is a 4th generation Nursery Man, he’s the recipient of multiple National and Local Landscape awards and originally came from Dubois, PA.

Making the world a more beautiful place...


Melissa - 2012


Our office manager has been with us for 8 years.  She is the friendly voice who answers the phone when you call and is happy to help you with all your questions.  When she is not singing she keeps us laughing with her garden joke of the week.  melissa@cottagegardens.org



New to the team this year is Purdy. She keeps Melissa in line (and her feet warm in the winter). 

Landscape Crew

Brian - 1998


Landscaping crew leader, has been at Cottage Gardens for 21 years! He is the face of perfection - except when it comes to his paperwork at the end of the day. Brian's attention to detail is unmatchable.

Ron - 2004


aka "Silver Fox' is a Landscaping crew leader. He has been at Cottage Gardens for 15 years now. In the off season Ron is an avid hunter and enjoys working on old cars. 
He originally came from New Castle, PA.

Brad - 2015


Has been here for 5 years. A talented guitar player and a prize winning fisherman! Brad is the only employee to ever bowl a 300! He hails from Sharon, PA.

Marc - 2014


Has been with Cottage Gardens for 6 years now.  Marc is an avid bowler, loves dogs and enjoys hunting and fishing. He originally came from Farrell, PA.

Steven - 2013


Has been with Cottage Gardens for 7 years now and originated from Canton, OH. Steve is a master with the sewing machine. He designs and sews bags from recycled materials in his spare time.

Sean - 2019


New to the crew this year. Sean hails from Mercer and we are looking forward to having another smiling face on our team this year.

Landscape Crew

Don loves to garden and is even building his own greenhouse. He is a great addition to the team this season.

Distribution Manager (aka The Delivery Guy!)

Karl - 2016


Always ready for anything, Karl has been our reliable driver since 2016. This is the guy you call if you lock your keys in your car!

Nursery Managers

Jeff - 2010


Jeff has been at Cottage Gardens for 9 years now.  Jeff really loves Walt Disney World and superheroes! He comes from a planet far far away...

Chris - 2016


Chris has more talents than we can fit into this page. He manages the field and keeps Jeff inline! He is great with animals and always willing to help out with any project.

Greenhouse Crew

Andi - 2015


Margaret, better known as Andi, is the most stylish of the greenhouse ladies! She has been in the Green Industry for 20 years now.  Her life motto is “Embrace life, it’s not a dress rehearsal”.  Andi is from Jamestown, PA.

Ashley - 2011


One of the friendly faces you will spot in the Greenhouse. If you need your landscape redesigned she is your girl!

Pat - 1969


Pat is the friendly face you see at the checkout counter. She keeps everyone well fed and on time!

Cathy - 2017


Cathy, a retired Nurse, helps out a few days a week. She is an avid skier and musician.

Mandy - 2017


She makes the magic happen behind the scenes. Mandy is a master when it comes to designing containers and isn't afraid to get her hands dirty.